Social Club

The Social Club was established back in August 1987 in order to overcome the problem faced by the YVAA that they could not generate a majority of their income from the sale of alcohol. The profits were then to be ploughed back into the Charity. This was a common scenario faced by most Village Halls. Today other scenarios exist to overcome the problem of income generation from alcohol sales.

Originally, the Club held the licence with a named person having responsibility for ensuring that licensed affairs were conducted within the law.  The Social Club transferred the licence to the responsibility of the YVAA on the 24th June 2012 under a new form of premises licence available to charities and village halls. As a result of this, the absolute and total license responsibility lies with the Trustees and the Social Club was conducting its business under the deemed consent of the YVAA. 

Sadly, over time, the Social Club has reduced any financial return to the YVAA and has been living on a minimal rent, which was based on the original premise of income generation to the Charity.

At the end of 2017, pressure was mounting on Charities to ensure that they were fulfilling their charitable objectives. The Trustees therefore held a review with specialist charity and village hall advisors and it was made clear that the agreement with the social club was against our charitable objectives, primarily to maximise revenue from our assets.

We were advised that two proposals regarding future arrangements with the Club were more than reasonable and in line with our charitable objectives.

The Social Club felt unable to accept these proposals and elected to stop supporting Village Hall bookings that required a bar. The Trustees were advised that this was against the original constituted set up of the Club and we were therefore left with no alternative but to withdraw our consent to trade under our licence.

The Social Club vacated the premises on Saturday June 28th


The Trustees are looking at ways that the community can best be served with a social offer in the future

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